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Asked by Wiki User. In , it doesn't really matter. Some gay males have a earring in each ear. Also, some gay, straight, or bisexual individuals tend to pierce various parts of their bodies both public and private parts of the human body. So, I don't believe anyone wearing an earring is wrong. But when you have them on your neck, lips, breast, tongue, or other areas; to many Americans it seems that these types of people either don't have much of a brain, or respect for their bodies, or they maybe just stupid.

Which side ear piercing does it mean your gay the left or right ear?

16 Best Earrings for Men - Ear Piercings Hoops and Studs for Guys

So I am thinking about getting my left ear pierced from a face to face angle, the piercing would be to your right side but my left side. Before I do anything I just want an answer to this. Get the piercings wherever you want. If someone asks you about if your piercing means that you are gay, act like an idiot and keep saying things like "What do you mean, ears aren't gay" "I never noticed if my ears preferred men over women, they don't talk to me.

Piercing Fad Is Turning Convention on Its Ear

Ear piercings for guys, left or right? There was a time where getting your ears pierced was a show of your sexual orientation; some of these ideas lingered on. However, what does the current world have to say about men piercing their ear or ears?
I wanna get a ear pierce, but some of my friends say that a single earring on left side is gay, while some think the right side, could you guys please tell me, thanks! Originally if a man in North America had his left ear pierced it meant that he was gay and sexually dominant, and having his right ear pierced meaning gay and sexually submissive. Gradually, it evolved to a man with his right ear pierced perceived as being gay and a man with his left ear being pierced perceived as being straight.

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