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The colbert coalition s anti gay marriage

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Oh no. It has a far more sinister dynamic than that of an obscure Utah polygamy cult. The reach of its tentacles extends to every crevasse of the body politic. And dare I suggest its potential for wanton destructiveness may be galactic in scope? It begins as all such calumnies begin: with plots upon plots upon plots, yielding up a classic inside-the-beltway circle jerk connecting the dots between politicians, lobbyists, shadowy foreign nationals, POWs and Islamic terrorists, extending outward to encompass Asian power brokers and fugitive Mafia Financiers.

Ten Arguments From Social Science Against Same-Sex Marriage

Ten Arguments From Social Science Against Same-Sex Marriage

The Coalition for Marriage , often abbreviated to C4M , [1] is a Christian [2] campaign group in the United Kingdom that opposes same-sex marriage. Founded in February , [1] the Coalition for Marriage is the main campaign group against same-sex marriage in the United Kingdom. The Christian Institute , an evangelical Christian advocacy group, announced the formation of C4M on 20 February Its mission was to rally opposition to legalizing same-sex marriage. Lord Carey , the former Archbishop of Canterbury , endorsed its efforts. The Coalition for Marriage is a not-for-profit public limited company [3] whose directors have links to high-profile conservative Christian groups.

Stephen Colbert Celebrates Supreme Court’s Gay Marriage Decision

The actors are supposedly Not Gay. They stand in choral formation before a backdrop of menacing clouds and cheesy lightning effects. On YouTube the original video must compete with countless homemade parodies it has inspired since first turning up some 10 days ago.
Stephen Colbert returned to air last night after a week off with a particularly funny and diverse episode, tackling everything from George Will's sartorial hypocrisy to gay rights. The latter segment focused on recent legislation passed in the state of Washington called "Everything But Marriage" which expanded the state's domestic partnership law to offer same-sex couples the same rights as straight married people. This legislation was met with deep dismay by Protect Marriage Washington, an anti-gay marriage group which collected signatures to get a referendum on the ballot to overturn the law, but refuses to produce the list of those who signed the petition to prove its validity to detractors. Enter Stephen Colbert. The host used rhetoric usually reserved to discuss the rights of homosexuals to turn the whole debate on its head and expose the inherent hilarity:.

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